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Zuri & Dre Collectible Toys

by Black Colouring Books / DMCMTL

Sobre el projecte






Per a què són els fons?



Shipment of plushies to Montreal, in order to get the orders out to you by December 2019.

Sobre el propietari del projecte

About the Author:

HI! I'm DANIELLE ! I’m a “Visual Problem Solver” [or Graphic designer, if we’re being fancy], based in Montreal, Canada.

I LOVE BLACK & WHITE minimalist design, so I've decided to focus more on it, within my brand & client work.

Since getting my Graphic Design degree in 2011, I’ve been able to use my skills in the corporate world; financial sector & retail marketing.

Now, as a freelancer, I’m able to give creators & entrepreneurs a visual representation of their ideal design, which allows them to show the world their personal brand.

I love how art and design can evoke an emotion. (good or bad)

After creating an avatar for myself (yup I'm in the book too!), I turned a fun social media concept, that represented people I saw on a regular basis, into colouring books and products for the world to see! I didn't get to have these type of books/toys around me as a child, but now, I want to be apart of the solution that gives kids the opportunity to see themselves and realize that it's okay to be you, and only you.

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